The new concept in factory built homes

Keyhouse is a revolutionary flat pack house system for house builders.

This new concept in factory built homes puts the housebuilder firmly in control by providing the capability of erecting a fully watertight, airtight, insulated home which is ready for first fix in only 12 hours.

Some modular or volumetric residential solutions are offering the house builder the promise of a turnkey home, delivered complete, with even the kitchen fitted. The concept sounds great but the cost and lack of design flexibility can leave the house builder feeling a little squeezed when it comes to margins.

Keyhouse however, offers the best of both worlds to the new house builder. In just 12 hours the flat pack assembly of Keyhouse delivers the complete house structure:

  • A brick finish on a robust concrete outer leaf
  • An internal insulated timber frame
  • Floor cassettes
  • Staircase
  • Pre-tiled roof

This provides the housebuilder additional value by offering house buyers the option of personalising their home with their choice of finishes.